First Single Released


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Late night on December 8, 2017, The Bliss Magnets finished our very first song release, "Christmas Night"...

Our Christmas Song speaks more to the enchantments I watched in movies growing up, especially since we live in Atlanta, Georgia where December 25 you're more likely to find people on golf courses and tennis courts in shorts and t-shirts. 

I grew up under the stories of Santa Claus delivering toys all over the world, and I love the spirit of inclusiveness those old stories bring to all nations, all peoples. Santa magically gave love to everybody! So, although our Christmas song speaks of traditions only held in some climates and cultures of the world, the spirit of giving resounds for all. 

We plan to give away our music for free to our fans as an outpouring of love and appreciation. Expect to see more releases in the very near future!! 

Who counts as a fan? Anyone who joins are mailing list! I have plans for a lifelong bestowing of gifts for those who follow our music journey. I especially look forward to the days when our gigs sweep bigger and bigger circles around the world ---hopefully to a neighborhood near you.

Within hours of completing our Christmas song that talks about snowflakes falling and snow colored lanes, that is exactly the unlikely landscape that took over our home in the warm, sunny south! Anything is possible if you just believe! (And keep on believing, and keep on believing and keep working!!!)

Love, Farrin