From the recording Cover Songs

This is part of our three-song demo for booking gigs. It's a remake of a really cool Atlanta Anthem. We added our JAM POP flavor, which includes Evan on a fusion-infused keys solo, and me (Farrin) with a unique bass solo.
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Tell me what you see when I pass by
Shadow, a cloud or a line in the sky
Am I getting it wrong or am I getting it right?
Well all I can take is one, one step at a time
CHORUS:   (Some lyrics changed by Farrin)
Look at me, I'm flyin
Everyday, I bow down, 
Fill with grace
Get back up, fly again
Next time that you see me
I'm Walking, I'm Walking, I'm Walking - 4x
Some people say walking takes to long
I say if you're walking you can't go wrong
Why should you rush your way through life
You won't get very far, running all the time
Well, all I can take is one, one step at a time
What does my life say about me
Can anyone see
Does it show I rock with the greatest?
I have earned all the time I spent
Use the best of it
To show all the world how I made it
I put one foot in front of the other
Yes I do, yeah
And I keep on
I'm taking it one day at a time
And I started walking, yeah
Cause I know that Jesus walks with me
Yes he does
Said I know that Jesus walks with me, yeah
So I keep on
Walking, walking
Said I'm walking, yeah