From the recording Christmas Night

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Sparkling lights
on Evergreen
Love & Goodness
Baked Between
Wandering Far
and Coming Near
It's that Christmas
Time of Year
On the Waves
of Snow and Air
You'll Find the Breath
That's Waiting There
In Wings of Peppermint
You'll Find
A Fairy's Dance
Keep Me In Mind
What Would You Like For Treats
On Christmas Night
We Can Sing Songs and
Dance By Firelight
Look For the Reindeer Tracks
On Christmas Night
Christmas Night Is Here
Bell Choirs Sound
Ring, Christmas Cheer
Welcome Santa's
Nine Reindeer
Nestled In
Wtih Candy Canes
Sleigh Rides Down
Snow Covered Lanes
Frankincense by Firesides
Skis and Trails
On Mountainsides
Snowflakes Fall
On Warm Cocoa
Sugarplum Dances
We All Know