Flea and Me

December 2017 started off with euphoria for The Bliss Magnets. In the span of a week, we got our website up... became members of ASCAP… designed our logo... created business cards for both our bands... designed, ordered and received our first merch which included t-shirts, stickers and two bookmarks... completed and released our first song... and immediately received airplay in 4 different countries.

It was like being showered with miracles. These wondrous events were made even more magical by the synchronicity of a Georgia snowstorm the night we completed our "Christmas Nights" holiday song.

The Bliss Magnets were rehearsing a full set of original songs, expecting to release the first one on New Year’s Day. Every time we heard our song on the radio we jumped up and down with excitement. It was like being a kid on Christmas Day, or experiencing The Wizarding World of Harry Potter without lines or crowds.

In my state of exuberance, I made a Caturday cat video and was so excited to show Evan, I started running towards the stairs in my pink ballerina warmup booties. Like running on indoor ice with slippers on, I promptly slipped with a huge amount of forward and downward momentum into the stairs I was flying up.

In the ER, I told a nurse that I was flying at high speeds when it happened, and that I was going super slowly after that. The nurse gravely issued me a warning, “Life is trying to tell you something.”

Mandatory, immediate surgery is required when you split your humerous (upper arm bone) in two. After the December surgery, once I recovered enough, we used my quiet body time to start recording and building our Production Music Library. With metal in my arm and months of rehab ahead, I didn’t have the range of motion to touch any part of my bass fretboard. But as I became more mobile, I could lay tracks on the keyboard with my hands.

I learned that I LOVE the studio and creating music. Evan and I enjoy working together so much.

My whole experience of getting a bionic arm (my positive spin on having metal in my arm) taught me how to appreciate stillness and stop being an endorphin junkie. When I was mobile enough to come into the studio, it was as a whole different person… someone who could sit for hours building a production music library.

Together, we lovingly create truly unique music with heart for corporate videos, films, mobile apps, or any other projects. Our production library music is licensed through Tunefruit, AudioJungle, Productiontrax, MotionElements, & several other outlets. We upload the freshest, hippest, coolest new songs EVERY week from all different styles.

I am giving gratitude in advance for the 15 original songs we release this year. The first of which, “Pop Rocks” will be released super soon.

I also wanted to share something that got me from here to there with my recovery. When I first started playing bass, I had already played trumpet for many years, and I was excited to find out that one of my bass heroes, Flea, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers had started as a trumpet player too. Sometime after I got out of the hospital and was cleared for pretty intense rehab, Evan remembered that Flea had the same surgery.

Flea broke his arm in a snowboarding fall. Consequence of Sound reported, “Flea underwent major surgery to repair nerve damage and got the scare of a lifetime: He could no longer play bass. Flea said, ‘It felt like I let everyone down, because we couldn’t work on the record.’ Fortunately, Flea worked his way back into bass-slapping shape with six months of intensive rehabilitation. The silver lining to this story, to hear the Chilis tell it, is that the injury forced them to completely overhaul the new album and take a new creative approach, ditching longtime producer Rick Rubin and bringing in Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton.”

When I (Farrin) awoke from surgery, I couldn’t move any part of my left arm or fingers. I didn’t panic, but I did constantly use my right hand to work with the only thing I could, my fingers. I soon started being able to wiggle and move them on their own. I worked diligently every day.

Hearing Flea’s story was so uplifting, as I already knew Flea is out there totally rocking and living out his full, victorious “Flea-ness” on bass. Knowing that he couldn’t play bass, and that he totally healed, made me so elated that I'd be back to bass too!